What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks typically appear when the skin is stretched to its limit because of weight gain or pregnancy. It may also occur due to rapid growth or hormonal changes during pregnancy or puberty. Normally, skin that has been stretched snaps back to normal. It is when the skin loses this flexibility that stretch marks occur. So what are stretch marks? Stretch marks are skin that appear in streaks of violet or white on the breast, stomach, upper thighs and hips. Imagine a balloon inflated to its limit then deflated.

While stretch marks are far from being deadly, they are often times unpleasant in appearance which makes it a common problem for women most especially. It impacts on the self confidence and perception of women not only from the Philippines but worldwide.

What can be done?

The good news is, stretch marks can be treated with creams or treatments. A variety of expensive treatments ranging from lasers, radio frequency, chemical peels, and even surgery promise removal of these unwanted marks. A laser treatment session may cost as much as P5,000 per area but depending on the marks, it can take more than one session to fade or be completely removed. Creams are also available in the market to get rid of stretch marks and improve the elasticity of the skin, but without guarantee.

It is for this purpose that Sanosan invested years in research and development to bring women Sanosan Mama Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. Sanosan Mama products are meticulously formulated with high-quality natural, active ingredients to pamper and care for pregnant mothers. Its skin tightening properties have been confirmed by a series of dermatological tests to be effective in preventing and fading stretch marks. All these without breaking the bank for expensive treatments nor staying in bed for recovery periods.

Prevention is always better than cure, as the saying goes and the consistent use of Sanosan Mama Anti-stretch mark cream from Month 1 of the pregnancy on wards can do just that. It is safe for use not just of pregnant women but for anyone who wants confidently smooth and supple skin. We don’t just deal with stretch marks, we give women from all over the world not just smooth nourished skin but also their confidence back.