Naturally with Love

Safe. Natural. Gentle. Effective.

We understand delicate baby skin. At Sanosan, we choose only the mildest natural ingredients, most reliable experts, the safest manufacturing processes and highest quality standards to produce the best products trusted by parents and recommended by midwives in over 60 countries worldwide.

Filipina mothers can be assured that Sanosan has passed international standards for product safety and allergies as attested by our certifications and seals. Even Sanosan’s own quality standards are at par if not stricter than most internationally accepted standards being a 100% German-manufactured brand. Sanosan products are guaranteed free of parabens, paraffin oils, dyes, and silicones. We only choose the safest and highest quality natural ingredients in our products.

Sanosan stands for gentle baby care. We understand how a mother wants the best care for her kids. We understand the delicate care a baby needs. We understand the need for safe and effective products not only for babies, but also for kids and pregnant women. We understand, and it is our pledge to provide safe and gentle products for everyone as we continually innovate and improve to deliver and eventually exceed our product promise.