Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is a particularly joyful condition that demands special skin care. Pregnant women typically undergo hormonal and body changes which include weight gain from having a growing baby in the tummy and from over-eating. Particularly frequent during pregnancy are stretch marks that have become a major source of concern for many women. Unpleasant in appearance, they can have a very real psychological impact on a woman’s confidence and self-perception.

Stretch marks appear due to hormonal changes or when the skin is stretched to its limit. It typically appears on the breast, stomach, upper thighs and hips during and after pregnancy or weight gain. A variety of expensive treatments ranging from lasers, radio frequency, chemical peels, and even surgery promise removal of these unwanted marks. A laser treatment session may cost as much as P5,000 per area but depending on the marks, it can take more than one session to fade much more completely be removed.

Sanosan invested years in research and development to bring these women Sanosan Mama Mom-To-Be Spray and Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. Sanosan Mama products are meticulously formulated with high-quality natural, active ingredients to pamper and care for pregnant mothers. Its skin tightening properties have been confirmed by a series of dermatological tests to be effective in preventing and fading stretch marks. All these without breaking the bank for expensive treatments nor staying in bed for recovery periods.

Sanosan is devoted to providing a holistic feeling of well-being for pregnant mothers through specialized products that have been clinically tested to be safe and effective. Also available are Sanosan Mama Cooling Leg Cream to relieve and soothe tired legs and Sanosan Mama Intimate Hygiene Liquid Cleanser for gentle and natural cleansing.