Dealing with Diaper Rash

Caring for your child encompasses more than just feeding, bathing and clothing. It includes taking care of your baby’s skin, relieving and protecting it from irritation, redness and diaper rash which causes babies to be irritable, uncomfortable and pained.

Did you know that baby skin is 3x more sensitive than adult skin? It is also more prone to allergic reactions that can make your child prickly and restless. As parents, you tend to feel double your child’s pain. You would want to keep your baby safe and away from any harm.

Diaper rash is a normal occurrence especially with delicate baby skin. As bad as it may sound, you may not be able to always prevent irritation and rash from happening. What you can do however,  is help minimize the occurrence with the use of Sanosan Baby Care Ointment. Not only does it treat and heal redness, itch and irritation, it also gently protects your baby’s skin with its natural formulation to keep diaper rash and irritation from recurring. Its gentle formula helps restore healthy baby skin and keeps it soft and smooth.

It is important to check frequently check your baby’s diaper and to keep it dry. Make sure you change  your baby’s diaper frequently if it’s soaked to prevent sores, rashes and itch. A sprinkle of Sanosan Baby Care Powder on your baby’s diaper area and skin folds can help keep it dry, soothe soreness and ease prickly heat.