How to have a good night of sleep with your baby

During the first few months, babies generally sleep day in and out without any awareness of time. This could be corrected as they grow older but to parents, this commonly translates to sleep-deprivation. There is no sure-fire way to get babies to sleep like adults do. One we can however do as parents is to get as much slumber as we can and somehow help them develop sleeping habits and self soothing techniques.

A sleeping routine is a series of habits or activities meant to induce sleep in babies. It can be a combination of regular activities like a bath, followed by a massage and bedtime story every night. Your baby will surely appreciate the predictability and before long, will get used to the routine.

Part of the sleeping routine can be a relaxing baby massage. Your touch is a language your baby can definitely understand. Show your unconditional and tireless love through a gentle and loving massage with Sanosan Baby Care Lotion before bedtime. A gentle baby massage or touch is effective in calming, soothing and setting the mood for dreamland. You may stick with this routine even after your baby’s sleeping patterns change as we are aiming to establish consistency and eventually, form a sleeping habit. We recommend the I Love You Baby Massage after bath time or before bed time.

Allow your baby to soothe himself to sleep. Your baby is in a learning stage. Regularly rocking your baby to sleep will however form part of the sleep routine. Unless you may want to rock him in the middle of night again, teach him to sleep independently when he is sleepy. You may play music or white noise sounds reminiscent of when your baby is still in your tummy. Your baby’s learning to self-soothe may mean more hours of rest for you. However, if in the middle of night your baby still can’t soothe himself to sleep, lull him to bed. He can learn next time. You may rest with the knowledge that as your baby grows older, he/she will learn to soothe and settle in on his own.