I Love You Baby Massage

Research shows that at least 10% of infants have Colic. Colic is a condition in which an infant cries repeatedly and excessively. Normally, babies cry due to discomfort, fright, hunger and tiredness but babies that have Colic will cry a lot even if healthy and for no apparent reason.

A way to comfort a baby who is Colicky is through the I Love You Baby Massage technique. Giving your baby a loving massage not only strengthens your loving bond but also promotes good health. A gentle baby massage improves body circulation and promotes muscle relaxation. It also helps soothe your baby by establishing a sense of security, trust and closeness.

To do the I Love You Baby Massage, first prepare a bottle of Sanosan Baby Lotion or Baby Oil. Best time to do this baby massage is after bathing or at night time to establish a sleeping routine. If baby is lying in bed, make sure to smile and talk to it to set the mood. Don’t forget to rub your palms together to make it warm.

How to do an I Love You Baby Massage with Sanosan.

With 2 to 3 fingers, stroke your baby’s tummy downwards from the upper abdomen to form the “I”. Repeat this gently for three times all the while talking soothingly and smiling into your baby. Rub your palms together to make it warm.

For the inverted “L”, gently massage from the 10 o’ clock to 2 o’ clock position as shown in the image above then downwards towards the umbilical stump. Repeat this from the 2 o’clock position this time. Take care not to touch the stump specially for newborns. Rub your palms again to prepare for the inverted “U’ massage.

Finally, gently massage baby’s tummy in an inverted “U” shape as shown in the image. You may also softly massage and stretch your baby’s legs. Just be sure to be careful and gentle.

Babies feel their mother’s love through touch. A gentle touch is also said to encourage your baby’s communication and development. So keep saying your I love you’s with the I Love You Baby Massage.