Love’s gentle formula.

At Sanosan, our vision is to make beauty care available for everyone. Beauty knows no age, no borders, no adversity – only good care.

All Sanosan products have been clinically tested to be gentle and safe for babies. We employ state-of-the-art facilities, over 600 expert employees and strict quality control procedures to bring you and your baby gentle, safe and natural care. Our products are 100% made in Germany by Mann & Schrӧder, a company with 3 generations of expertise in hair and body care products.

Now, this same expert skin care trusted by mothers all over the world is available to Filipina mothers. Sanosan Philippines invites mothers to discover the Sanosan difference. We, at Sanosan Philippines stand for safe, effective, gentle and natural baby care.

Naturally with Love.

Sanosan is formulated with natural ingredients and has passed numerous international standards on safety and allergies. At Sanosan, we choose to provide the mildest and safest products. Thus, should an ingredient pose even the smallest possibility of inducing skin reactions and allergies, it will not be used in any of our products. Mothers can be assured of clinically proven mild, safe and effective products that is recommended by midwives and trusted by parents in over 60 countries worldwide.

Sanosan is available at LazadaBaby Company, Kids Company, SM department stores and other leading department stores all over the Philippines.

Sanosan is a brand by Mann % Schroeder.     Dermatologically tested as safe for babies.     Oko Test - Very Good